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Make up / Facepaint

Essential to every party! The kids love it to transform into butterflies, tigers, princesses or may bugs-everything is possible. We use high quality and skin friendly make up especially for kids. And when there are costumes to go along with the make up, the kid’s shine and smile and couldn’t be happier!

Magicians and Clowns

‘he made Lisa disappear’- Samuel (7) from ViennaOur magic shows have delighted every child so far. The astonishment is visible already after the first trick. Before you know it, the whole audience is drawn into a magic atmosphere. And it gets better, the audience is not a passive audience, but an active one that is included into the magic show. When performed together, magical moments are most enjoyable. Finally, when everyone is already wondering and pondering on how these tricks could possibly work, our clown comes into the picture.His repertoire is breathtakingly manifold.He paints faces, jangles, and shapes balloons. He also shows the kids how the art of contact jangling works, but also diablo tricks, walking on stilts, turning plates and he is also a ventriloquist. He is an all round funny chap and always creative! Can it get better?

Giant soap bubbles


It is unknown to many that soap bubbles can be wildly colorful and fun in many ways.There are huge soap bubbles, that get carried away by the wind and sparkle in the sun and smaller ones that get burst by the children. Soap bubbles fill every kids heart with happiness. Our schooled soap bubble masters create various forms of bubbles, from long and thin to giant and round shapes. Heart, double and triple bubbles and various animal shapes are only a part of the available repertoire. A soap bubble party is a wonderful party that enchants all the little kids. Further, a soap bubble show can also be a great addition to a themed party, to create wonderful moments.

Cakes and catering

Through the cooperation with our chosen confectioners we are able to offer the most beautiful cakes for the best parties. Every motif is possible if ordered in advance. For example: dinosaur cakes, elephant cakes, jungle cakes or princess cakes. One layer as well as two layered cakes are available. Contact us for more information.If required, we can also deliver and organize the catering. The catering includes cakes, sandwiches, snacks and beverages. If required we can also provide salmon, sushi, shrimps, oysters, prawns and similar luxurious seafood. Further, we also provide fresh chicken nuggets, burgers and hot dogs. And for an especially healthy party, we can provide for fresh juices and fruit.

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